Checklist for a Local SEO Audit. Each of these elements influence how people use and search engines rank your website. What is Local SEO checklist for? Local SEO audits are tricky and time consuming. Sign In Get An Instant Demo. 3. SEO Audit Checklist Analyze your entire WordPress site to detect critical errors and get actionable insights to boost your SEO and get more traffic. Protect Local: Free tools, training, and resources to help your company and local business clients during COVID-19 and beyond. How can your website rank higher for localized searches in Google, Bing, and Yahoo!? 1. For Elliott, after the basics are taken care of, a local SEO audit centers around creating a perfect Google My Business profile, analyzing the backlink profile of your site and its competitors, and auditing meta titles and descriptions to optimize for click-through rate. And in Elliot’s experience, there are a few basics that should be tackled when you’re thinking locally: Note: If you need a quick way to identify these and other technical issues that might need to be addressed, simply type your URL into Raven’s Site Auditor tool. Our audit template walks you through the process including website, links, citations & local profiles. Let’s take a look at how you can successfully get started. In the end, I reveal my top local ranking factors. This checklist covers 50 on-site and off-site points you need to audit. It is 2021, and HTTPS has been known as a ranking factor since 2014. What you need to do next to improve your local SEO Now that you have a Local SEO Checklist, you’re probably eager to start auditing your online presence. As an example, Elliott noted that for many small local businesses, this USP may come down to offering more personalized customer service. The next step for your local SEO audit is to look into your own backlink profile and get a sense of which locally relevant backlinks are pointing to your site. View indexing information, find technical problems, and get keyword data about your website. To start, ensure your listing is claimed, complete, and that all the information 100% matches your website. Please note: The following local SEO checklist is predicated upon the assumption that your website is already SEO optimized. Understanding what these ranking factors are and how to leverage them for better Local SEO is the key to supercharging your local marketing efforts. See how well your website performs when loaded on a desktop or mobile phone. You can take the mystery out of higher rankings and visibility for your website today with this Local SEO Checklist from Local SEO Audits. An ever changing SEO audit checklist to make sure your technical SEO is on point. Checklist for a Local SEO Audit. The main goal is to have an issue free website that is easy to use and properly indexed in the major search engines. Optimize title tags. Tools For Sellers. Follow this 127-point local SEO checklist to rank your local business higher in the Maps and organic search results. Elliott’s tip for selecting the best category for your business is to do a competitor analysis and see which categories your key local competitors have chosen. Get your free step-by-step checklist for a complete local SEO audit. SEO content audit provides a more in-depth look at a website’s indexable content. Here are the most common areas of best-practice that you need to pay attention to. Increase your search rankings today with our new, Get Started With Your Local SEO Audit and Action Plan, How-to Get Started With the Local SEO Checklist, The website is hosted within the country it is primarily targeting website visitors, The website page load speed is above average using, The website looks good, and functions properly on mobile phones, tablets, and computers, The website navigation is simple to use and makes it easy to find information, There are no 404 error pages or other redirection issues preventing visitor or search engine access, All website pages are appearing in the Google index, All website pages are appearing in the Bing index, There is a unique page title for each website page, Each website page title is optimized for search phrases that match the pages content, There is a compelling meta description for each website page, Each website page has an H1 tag containing the targeted search phrase, Each website page uses H2 tags containing related search phrases, Each website page uses H3 tags containing related search phrases, Each website pages uses image alt and title tags describing the image, There is a location page for each business location that contains address, hours, and a map, The business name, address, and phone number is found on every page, The business name, address, and phone number is implement with structured markup, Each website page has a specific call to action for the visitor to take, The total number of backlinks to the website are on-par with competitors (or better), There are no unusual anchor text patterns or excessive use of optimized anchor texts in backlinks, There are no manual penalties related to links pointing to your website in Google Search Console, There is a plan in place for promoting your website online to increase links and business mentions, There is a Google My Business profile for each business, office location and or provider, Each Google My Business profile for the business has been claimed and properly categorized, Each Google My Business profile for the business has accurate and up-to-date information, Each Google My Business profile has at least 30 positive reviews (4, 5 stars), Each Google My Business Profile responds to it’s review as they are left, The business information has been scanned to find popular online listings and profiles, All major listings and profiles for each business location, and or provider have been claimed, All major listings and profiles for each business location, and or provider have accurate information, All major listings and profiles for each business location, and or provider are being monitored. The amazing secret to increased local search engine visibility and rankings Google My Business is a subset of Off-page Local SEO that greatly influences your rankings for localized searches and visibility within Google Maps. An SEO audit is probably the first thing a business owner needs to consider when starting a web re-design or new SEO campaign. According to Elliott, CTR is just as important for local SEO as it is for your overall SEO health. This will let you know exactly where you stand in terms of citations and local SEO. Local SEO Checklist v1.0 Overview. A site audit is truly the first step in any effective local SEO campaign. Use this Google My Business audit template and optimization checklist to improve local rankings, increase traffic, and generate more leads… Get The Template in Facebook Messenger » I’ve used this exact template to get some massive SEO wins for local businesses… However, when you’re focusing on local SEO, some factors become more important than others. The information you find will allow you to understand if you need to make website performance improvements, on-page changes, such as stickier content. Terms of Service. The order may be slightly different to what you’ll see on other checklists. © 2007-2021 TapClicks, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Looking to get started with local SEO? 3. As part of this process, he also suggested looking at your competitors’ SERPs. We started with technical SEO because all your work will be for nothing if you have an issue with Google crawling or indexing your site. As Elliott explained, local SEO is typically dealing with a smaller number of backlinks to each page in the SERPs — so adding 1 or 2 locally relevant backlinks can make a huge difference in your local search engine results. Simply put, structured data is written in a pre-defined structure that search engines recognize. You can then analyze the report, highlight the recommended changes, and add them to your SEO audit checklist. To test for mobile responsiveness during your local SEO audit, use the Mobile-Friendly Test available for free in Google Search Console. When Google, Bing, and others discover these groupings of information around the web, it improves your rankings. You can see local SEO benefit by adding that info into your website’s footer, so it’s included on every web page. Checklist for a Local SEO Audit. Lastly, Elliott told us that local businesses should always target their Google My Business profile to certain service areas. Een stapsgewijze uitleg van SEO analyse. “There are some great opportunities to be leveraged with pre-existing relationships,” he says. Local SEO Checklist Action Checklist & Resources by The HOTH #1 Fix NAP Citations NAP citation accuracy & consistency are critical, but realize that some small inconsistencies (like the difference between street vs st. won’t hurt you). The best part of using a local SEO software is that it helps make the manual review much more efficient, and effective. If your website runs on WordPress, you can also do this with an SEO plugin like Yoast. Designing and maintaining a checklist is the best way to get you through some search optimization elements. Get more traffic, leads and customers. Sign up for a 7-day free trial with Raven Tools, and access our Site Auditor, backlink analysis tools, and localized rank tracking functionality. Include NAP and Map Embed on site. Now we’re at the fun part: content! SEO Audit Checklist. Comprehensive local SEO audit tool for analyzing 100+ Google My Business, website, and brand authority factors that are affecting your Map Pack rankings. NEW! First and foremost, ensure that each of these listings matches your website and includes the most current NAP (name, address, and phone number) — and relevant business information. Conducting a local SEO audit is your chance to identify any of these issues quickly and put you on the path to getting them fixed. Please note: The following local SEO checklist is predicated upon the assumption that your website is already SEO optimized. On-Page Elements. Get AIOSEO for WordPress FULL SEO AUDIT Analyze your site's SEO in seconds Follow our SEO Audit checklist to optimize your website's settingsIdentify any critical errors that could be harming your… Here is a guide to learn how to do Local SEO. You can’t forget about mobile or you’re missing out on a major chunk of your potential market. Most businesses thrive on traffic both online and in person from Google, Bing, Yelp and Facebook searches. 8. An exceptional local SEO campaign starts with a comprehensive website audit. Figure Out Content Management System. Note: To audit your local page speed, you can use a tool as simple as Google PageSpeed Insights. If your local SEO software did not include a scan of your online listings, now is the time to do that. The Ultimate SEO Audit Checklist is a comprehensive list of all the important items that should be included in your in-depth SEO audit. The local SEO checklist below has all the information you need to get started. Conclusion on SEO Audit Checklist. Tools For Sellers. Verify GMB. 7. 2. Manually review each of your website’s pages for complete, engaging, content, and proper on-page technical structure. But no matter how big or small the glitch that disrupted your technical SEO audit checklist, technical SEO mistakes can ultimately hurt your search rankings. With Local SEO Audits, you get a professional SEO audit performed by an experienced consultant who is an expert in Local SEO. Local search users are motivated and targeted. If people want fast loading, good looking websites, and yours is not, you won’t rank highly. Google My Business allows this on the back-end, where you can add additional zip codes to your location as an indication of your service area. Ok, maybe I’m a little biased as a content marketer. Once you're ready to get started optimizing your website for SEO, using Boostability's and SEO Network's SEO packages are key ways to power up your local presence. Practice Proper Site Architecture. A good SEO audit is all about asking the right questions. The main goal is to have an informational website that makes it easy for people and search engines to understand what you do best. Most businesses thrive on traffic both online and in person from Google, Bing, Yelp and Facebook searches. Take Images and Optimize GMB. Install WPSSO (Buy Premium for $50). Any company needs to appear on the first page results of search engines especially on Google, this is a step by step Local Search Engine (SEO) checklist to help you to acquire your place among your competitors on search engines. Any company needs to appear on the first page results of search engines especially on Google, this is a step by step Local Search Engine (SEO) checklist to help you to acquire your place among your competitors on search engines. ”, let’s find out the local SEO best practices that will skyrocket your business in the local search. This local SEO audit tool has proven to be a … Free Digital Marketing Audit, Free Paid Advertising Set Up, First Month Free. 6. By Mike Goldstein In Local Search Posted July 12, 2018. In fact, Elliott says one local client that he’s worked with saw a huge benefit to expanding their location radius: “All we did for that client was add additional postcodes and towns for a 15km radius to Google My Business, and we saw a 30% increase in views and impressions.”. The steps in this article can help you optimize a strategy that will attract and gain local customers from your target audience. Sales: +1-855-955-6650. LOCAL SEO AUDIT CHECKLIST NOW! SEO audits are the single best way to figure out why you’re not getting SEO results. We have dozens of years of experience, conducting hundreds of local SEO audits, that have resulted in more traffic, leads, appointments, and revenues for our clients. These steps should be taken in order to make auditing your online presence using the Local SEO Checklist. The final element we are going to review is Local SEO. Sign In Get An Instant Demo. Sign Up. If you want to learn more about the previous milestones and tasks, please read on the Local SEO Checklist Part 1. Hi there Local SEO family...I hope you´re all doing well during these crazy times! An ever changing SEO audit checklist to make sure your technical SEO is on point. 5. Build Citations. Make Sure You Are Using HTTPS. “Then, it’s time to build a process for getting more GMB reviews and scaling that up to distribute your reviews across different online platforms.”. Grab the sheet. By Mike Goldstein In Local Search Posted July 12, 2018. Every day, consumers are using all devices for local searches. A simple checklist of tips and ideas to help you boost your local SEO for your small business. The main goal is to have as many links from other relevant websites as possible (or more than your competitors). Picking the right one can have a big impact on your local SEO because it affects which local search terms Google thinks apply to you, as well as which additional features (such as menus) are included with your GMB listing. While most businesses only target the actual zip code (or postcode) where their business is located, you still want to bring in customers from other nearby areas, right? Simply type your competitor’s website into Domain Research Central and then select the Backlinks tab on the left. Local SEO Checklist. This local SEO checklist is broken out into different focus areas below. Register with Yahoo Small Business. Audit Meta and Optimize It for Click-Through Rate (CTR), Summary: What to Focus on for a Local SEO Audit, Local SEO Audit: 4-Part Checklist to Help You Move the Needle on Local Search, Check that all phone numbers and email addresses across your website are clickable HTML, visible, and user-friendly for mobile users, Add your hours or opening times into your website’s footer and all directory profiles, Check your website speed and ensure that it loads in 3 seconds or less, Use structured data to boost on-page local SEO, Use an image compression tool to compress images on your website into smaller files, Reviews from customers (really important! We write tips for digital marketers and we create beginner through advanced guides for search engine optimization. That’s a question that business owners and marketers have asked since the invention of modern search engines. Install Yoast Plugin (Do not buy premium). Take Images and Optimize GMB. Each of these elements influence how visitors can find your website and how search engines rank your website. Local SEO refers to geographically-specific queries, and … Your local SEO audit report includes optimization scores for GMB, website, and your brand. This complete local SEO checklist will help you optimize your website, market your business, reach more local customers, and grow your revenue. After all, the goal of the checklist is improving your local SEO. Creating and setting up your Google Search Console account gives you important data and tools. Checklist for a Local SEO Audit. Search Engine Journal offers a more complete local SEO checklist if your SEO audit checklist efforts will be to benefit a local business. In this blog, we highlight 4 areas of focus for your local SEO audit: technical basics, Google My Business, auditing local backlinks, and USP-focused meta copy. A poorly-written meta description can hurt your click thru rate. Met Checklist. Your title tags need to be concise with keywords you want to rank for. We will utilize our experience, proprietary tools, and industry leading software to diagnose your issues and give you the right information to improve your rankings. We have talked about the importance and benefits of local SEO to businesses but we have not yet come to the most important part of this post i.e. If you’re ready to get started assessing your local SEO performance, this local SEO checklist PDF will be helpful. If you want to drive organic traffic to your site and improve your search rankings, you need to conduct website audits regularly. With a Google Analytics account, you will be able to understand exactly what happens once a person gets to your website. It also requires careful reputation management as reviews are now very much a ranking factor on Google for 2019. How the websites in even the most competitive niches outrank the rest Off-page Local SEO concerns how other websites on the internet interact with your website. At this stage, you should well on your way to checking off the boxes on your Local SEO Checklist. We will never give or sell your information to a third party. Learn More. Raven by TapClicks - SEO + SEM Tools with Deeper Competitive Insights With the right guidance, you can perform a website audit in less than one hour. To figure out which areas are the most vital to audit for improving local search rankings, we spoke with Elliott Davidson. The first point in our Local SEO Checklist for 2020 is to make … First and foremost, Elliott says you can’t skip the basics. what you have to do in order to optimize your website for local search. Local SEO Checklist v1.0 Overview. Why should they choose you over a more established national or international competitor? “As part of a local SEO audit, a business should get a handle on their number of current reviews — as well as their sentiment,” Elliott says. The most important thing to consider is what a person looking at the page would think. According to Elliott, when it comes to local SEO, even small improvements in these four areas can have an outsized impact on your local search rankings. Remember, a search engine wants to show the best search results. Reviews pack a ton of clout … Build Citations. Let’s look in more depth into a few of these factors that can impact local SEO: Page speed and website load times are as important a factor for local SEO as they are for traditional SEO campaigns, with one caveat: localized searches (e.g. By signing up you agree to our privacy policy and will be automatically enrolled to our newsletter. For example: placing "SEO Services in Lincoln Square, Chicago" earlier in the title, description, H1, and high in the body text of the page. If you’re not a seasoned internet marketer or SEO, you might not be confident in taking the next steps to put the Local SEO Checklist into action. Get your free step-by-step checklist for a complete local SEO audit. At the end of the day, small efforts can have a big impact when you’re working to improve local SEO. That means no more guesswork about whether or not the client’s citations are correct, or about where they rank in terms of local SEO. Sign up to start downloading your FREE seo audit checklist. Local SEO Checklist to Make Your Business More Visible On The Local Market. NEW! Using a local SEO software tool, you can scan your website and online presence to get hundreds of relevant data points and comparisons. Install WPSSO (Buy Premium for $50). listing one phone number on your website and a different one on your GMB listing) that can harm your chances of ranking for local search terms. directories). Jaime Theler January 3, 2020 The internet has brought the world to our fingertips, but research shows that four out of five consumers search online for products or services in their own backyard. CHANTILLY, VA. (PRWEB) APRIL 23, 2020. Find technical issues, ensure there’s no manual penalties, and get keyword search data. With a Bing Webmaster Tools, you get similar data and tooling to what you get with Google Search Console, but specifically for the Bing search engine. Good local SEO includes on-site and off-site techniques. Improve your rankings in Google search results with our ultimate local SEO checklist - a 24-step checklist to boost the local SEO for your small business. This might be key to outperforming local competitors and bigger rivals. Grab the sheet. You’ll get an overall technical SEO grade (out of 100), and Raven will breakdown any issues that need to be looked at, along with a priority rating of critical, warning, or needs attention. For the Local SEO experts here, I am wondering, what is your GMB audit checklist? The Best Local SEO Tools + Free Expert Audit Checklist. The main goal is to have claimed, accurate, profiles for all of your business locations, providers, or professionals. And the basics matter. Verify GMB. Note: You can see your competitors’ entire backlink profile (including local backlinks, citations, and anchor text) using Raven’s Competitor Research Tools. Figure Out Content Management System. The most common local SEO mistake is a failure to … It’s a necessity. Welcome to the official site of the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, with quick access to driver and vehicle online transactions and information. The key here isn’t to emulate these competitors — it’s to ensure your meta copy sets you apart from them in the search results. Include NAP and Map Embed on site. In his view, boosting CTR on your local search results comes down to finding and emphasizing a unique selling point (USP). 1. And to ensure that your SERP listings communicate your value proposition in a compelling way, you can simply run a meta audit on the Raven Site Auditor tool. 5. Markup homepage with Local Business Markup. Expect to spend a lot of time here. Grab the sheet. Each of these elements influences the relative weighting of your Google My Business profile versus others in your area. A 50-Point Audit for Getting Started with Local SEO. Mobile. If there are discrepancies (e.g. The technical SEO issues we already mentioned are critical, so you need to fix broken links, add image alt tags, remove duplicate content, and everything else that’s involved in maintaining a healthy website. A Complete Local SEO Checklist. If everything is clear with the question “ what is local SEO? Here’s an audit checklist that you can use to evaluate your business’ local SEO and find ways to better it. Grab the sheet. To start, Elliott recommends checking out any local citations (e.g. Improve your SEO and Content Marketing game. And one of the best ways to audit whether you have enough high-quality local backlinks is to look at the backlink profile for your top competitors. Hugely comprehensive. We strive to help businesses of all sizes grow using our powerful link building, SEO and content marketing services. 0. What people see first before they even visit your website or location Local Directory Listings are a subset of Off-page Local SEO that often appear for search of your brand and have a small influence on search rankings. Simply click on the link below to download! Download the Local SEO Checklist. 4. Page load times are a technical SEO element that has recently gotten more attention. Use quick-win and geo-specific keywords Cover Your Technical SEO and Basic Fixes First, Local SEO Basics: Getting Your Mobile Speed Performance Right, Local SEO Basics: Test for Mobile Responsiveness, Local SEO Basics: Use Structured Data to Boost On-Page Optimization, 2. One of the best ways to help Google understand your local relevance is to use structured data on your website. If … Local SEO audits provide businesses with a baseline of how they can rank locally before moving forward to a more global audience. With all the information you will have at your fingertips from the first five steps, you can now begin reviewing all of your website pages. Coming up with an efficient local SEO strategy and executing it well is a tough challenge. Finding any issues with your data and correcting them is important for customer experience, and your local SEO. We have an entire 50+ step checklist for good content architecture for advanced implementations of this concept, but for the scope of this audit, simply make sure that these keywords/phrases are in play. Here's a list of common content mistakes followed by a checklist of ways to increase the local SEO impact of your content. An SEO audit is probably the first thing a business owner needs to consider when starting a web re-design or new SEO campaign. As a local digital marketing agency headquartered in Chantilly, VA Conversion Pipeline is experiencing the same negative impacts from COVID-19 as many other area small businesses. How to ensure your website is built for people and search engines Technical Local SEO deals with the underlying software and technology powering your website. This additional data and insights will give you further validation of any issues and or opportunities. Remember two things before you begin: The time investment for an audit will depend on the size of your website. “This can highlight some very easy opportunities you can go after.”. This should also include your Google My Business profile. 8. Use our free checklist tool to manage your local SEO to do's.Tackle the top 63 Local Search Ranking Factors based on the annual survey from the top local SEOs. 2. With this in mind, according to Elliot, “your website must be responsive — plain and simple.” Luckily, with a platform like WordPress or Squarespace, the themes are automatically mobile-optimized. There are a number of different solutions for scanning your online listings, even some that are free! Optimize your logo for local SEO Using a local SEO audit checklist will help with your optimization progress and prevent any missed steps. To gain an understanding of the effectiveness of a previous SEO campaign and to identify what is working and what is not, a full on-page local SEO audit … 50+ Point Local SEO Checklist All the points in the checklist below work towards making sure your site is in the best position for these ranking factors. What is Local SEO checklist for? The added value, especially in the UK, is that some local review sites are run by government authorities. 6. “Look at your local competitors’ backlink profiles to see which links they have that you don’t,” Elliott says. We’ve officially crossed the halfway point in our local SEO checklist! Think of it like putting your website data into an organized Excel spreadsheet. “near me”) are likely to be done on mobile devices. Be concise, clear, accurate, and include a call to action. Coming up with an efficient local SEO strategy and executing it well is a tough challenge. Raven by TapClicks - SEO + SEM Tools with Deeper Competitive Insights. As Elliott says, “you can actually have such an impact if you get the local search engine optimization strategy right, and this all starts with the audit.”In the article below, we highlight Elliott’s 4 main areas of focus when he’s doing a local SEO audit — from covering the technical basics, to optimizing Google My Business, auditing local backlinks, and boosting organic click-through rate with USP-focused meta title copy. Technical SEO Checklist. To help you succeed, we’re offering this checklist to give you some structure. This means that there are authoritative backlinks on offer from trusted domains. A local SEO checklist with over 50 checks, tips and ideas to help you improve your local SEO. Local SEO: How to make a website audit in 30 minutes . “As long as you’re at or below a 3-second load time — there’s diminishing returns after 3-seconds,” he says. As you can see, optimizing your local SEO offers a huge opportunity to target the right audience and bring in high quality leads to your business. It’s 2018. Write clear meta descriptions for every page, using local keywords as natural. Install Yoast Plugin (Do not buy premium). Auditing your website isn’t optional. In this articles, we will brief you with a complete checklist that will help you perform the SEO audit of your website effectively and efficiently. Each of the elements can potentially impact the first impressions of your and online reputation of your business.

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